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[20feb2016--I have started the process of making a new recording. It will be country, country rock, country blues oriented... please see my blog here for more info-"New Recording"]

Here's a review of a Bluegrass/Acoustic Country recording I made in Collaboration with Linda Erickson:
"Many thanks for sending us a copy of your new CD ("Red Dirt Road") - and what a mesmerizing, fresh sounding project it is, chock full of some killer originals, top-flight singing and mouth-wateringly fine picking. Your originals are the real backbone of this project - nice melodies, sharp lyrics and tunes that really have something to say.......And the level of musicianship on this project is just awesome - everyone turns in some incredible performances. Thanks again for the wonderful tunes. I'll be doing my best to help spread the word here in Nashville and in our other syndicated outlets."
Dave Higgs
Bluegrass Breakdown
WPLN-FM, Nashville, Tennessee

<----"Red Dirt Road" CD_my favorite recording of all that I've done_(see a review above) with Linda Erickson--what a lovely songwriter, singer and Pal---Hi Linda!

<----from about 1995_helluva band... Dale X2 and Mr. Postrel!
This CD:
"Out of the Blue"/Tacoma

I'm negligent as far as following the "Site Activity" stats.
However, I have noticed that people from all over the fricken planet have visited! Yikes! Thanks so much! Please give me your input as far as the music you can hear here and anything else. I would appreciate it.

Diego, new guitar, grampa
<-- Christmas 2015-Grandson Diego with his new Les Paul Jr Guitar ...I love this kid!  I like his guitar too-might have to get one for myself!

soooo, back to self promotion without shame...
I have:                                                   
-sang/performed..... nationally
-recorded, produced... (many times-mine/ours and others)
-written/co-written songs ***

"Americana Soul" = Country, Country Rock, Bluegrass, Newgrass AND   eclectic MUSIC of my choosing.... (ya know... like Ray Charles, the Gershwin's, Merle Haggard, Sam Bush & John Cowan, Hank Williams, THE Newgrass Revival, Mickey Newberry, Steve Earle...)

***(please see the "national media/reviews" & "Bragging-stuff I've done" pages about all these claims-to-fame )
RV Park sunset   
the Bounder on Tour<---RV park sunset

 the Bounder on Tour---------------------------->
a swell mess...

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